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May 1st, 2013 | Posted by owner in VINTAGE HISTORY

Luella, Phillip and Little Ronnie (my daddy).
Isn’t my Grandma gorgeous!?
Grandpa is dark and dashing. And my mischievous dad. Gotta love those little ears sticking out.



It began in 1945. I didn’t know it then. I wasn’t born yet. But my love of vintage dishes and all things vintage began then. Phillip Paul Leder, my grandfather, went to war in Yokohama, Japan. He sent his lovely young wife a set of Noritake dishes.

They are now part of my heritage.

In my teen years I spent my summers biking to my grandparents little apartment, sipping iced tea and listening to the fascinating stories of my grandmother’s upbringing. She was pummeled with questions.

History lived through my Grandmother. Growing up in a Danish speaking homestead farm in Southern Minnesota. Hating blackening the pot belly stove. Sitting straight as a pin or being punished. Baking pies all night until 6 a.m. for the little cafe she worked at. Meeting Dark Dashing Phillip and dancing to Glen Miller’s band at the local dance hall.

vintagehistory2How could I not fall in love with vintage dishes, dresses, hats, kitchen utensils, books and Glen Miller?

My grandparents are gone, but her heritage lives on through our company.


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