International Skype Baby Shower

May 15th, 2013 | Posted by owner in SPECIAL EVENTS

Yep. You read it correctly. I think it may be a first.

We did an international Skype baby shower! Vintage of course.

It was for our oldest daughter. She married a Norwegian and moved there.

Pregnant with their first, in a country she was unfamiliar with, no immediate family of her own nearby, and no history of baby showers given in Norway, something had to be done!

So I stepped in. Willingly.

It took a lot of coordination but it was so worth it. Games, crafts and gift registrations were planned. ( is a terrific online gift registry site)

All guests here had to have gifts to me by a certain date in order to send off boxes to our daughter in time for the shower.

Game and craft instructions were translated into Norwegian by son-in -law, hoping they would make sense.

Wedding and baby showers are not common occurrences there. Our Norwegian guests were so excited to experience this.

The shower was at 1 p.m. here, 7 p.m. there.

noahLet me tell you, it was so funny to watch people learn to interact via Skype at a shower. Everyone introduced themselves, we played a few games, which were loved overseas, much laughter was involved and much fun had.

When it came to decorating onesies, both sides of the ocean took great pleasure and pains in creativity.

Cupcakes were a hit. We enjoyed Sugar Darlings at home, while our daughter made her own.

I think we may have started a new trend in Norway. It was a huge hit.

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