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Our First Wedding

June 29th, 2013 | Posted by owner in WEDDINGS - (0 Comments)

One never forgets the first wedding you are asked to be a part of. And it couldn’t have been a better first wedding.

Sweet Whitney and her then fiancé Brian were to be wed at the Palm Harbor White Chapel on June 22, 2013. She went to school across the street from the Chapel and knew for years that is where she wanted to be wed. A dream come true.


Corey Conroy Photography

Whitney wanted vintage and she had the quintessential vintage wedding! Her lovely and very talented mother Beryl helped her plan and design it.

It was an elegant and intimate affair. The center pieces held much meaning for Whitney with bits and pieces of her and Brian’s family woven into them.


Corey Conroy Photography

Corey Conroy Photography beautifully captured the day and Delectables Fine Catering created a feast worthy of a Prince and Princess.

I am so thankful and appreciative of Beryl and Whitney’s willingness and trust in asking us to be a part of their gorgeous day!

Fairytale Photo Shoot

June 28th, 2013 | Posted by owner in STYLIZED SHOOTS - (0 Comments)

Lisa Otto Photographystylizedshoots3

I met the lovely and energetic Maricel Baker in April at a wedding vendor  event at Nova 535 in St. Pete. Her enthusiasm for vintage and being as authentic as possible in a time period photo shoot caught my attention.

Maricel asked me in June if I would be interested in doing a stylized shoot with Core Events and Lisa Otto Photography. Of course I would!

Lisa Otto had the fun idea of creating a childhood to adult fairytale love story, set on a beautiful horse farm in Central Florida. (see her website blog for details)

The result was exquisite.

Event Planners
Core Events, Tampa

Let’s Make It Extraordinary
Maricel Baker

Good Baked Goods, Brooke

Buds, Blooms and Beyond

Twelve Decisions About Cialis.

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Can you trust online drugstores?

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International Skype Baby Shower

May 15th, 2013 | Posted by owner in SPECIAL EVENTS - (0 Comments)

Yep. You read it correctly. I think it may be a first.

We did an international Skype baby shower! Vintage of course.

It was for our oldest daughter. She married a Norwegian and moved there.

Pregnant with their first, in a country she was unfamiliar with, no immediate family of her own nearby, and no history of baby showers given in Norway, something had to be done!

So I stepped in. Willingly.

It took a lot of coordination but it was so worth it. Games, crafts and gift registrations were planned. ( is a terrific online gift registry site)

All guests here had to have gifts to me by a certain date in order to send off boxes to our daughter in time for the shower.

Game and craft instructions were translated into Norwegian by son-in -law, hoping they would make sense.

Wedding and baby showers are not common occurrences there. Our Norwegian guests were so excited to experience this.

The shower was at 1 p.m. here, 7 p.m. there.

noahLet me tell you, it was so funny to watch people learn to interact via Skype at a shower. Everyone introduced themselves, we played a few games, which were loved overseas, much laughter was involved and much fun had.

When it came to decorating onesies, both sides of the ocean took great pleasure and pains in creativity.

Cupcakes were a hit. We enjoyed Sugar Darlings at home, while our daughter made her own.

I think we may have started a new trend in Norway. It was a huge hit.

Oxford Style

May 9th, 2013 | Posted by owner in STYLIZED SHOOTS - (0 Comments)

View More:

Oxford-Styled Shoot
Lake Alfred, Florida
Mackay Estate and Gardens


Top photo:

Erin, Papered Heart Photography

Event Planner
Sasha, Oh So Classy Events

Lisa, Wish Vintage

Lynn, Sassy Settings

Marie, Hands on Sweets

Bridal Gown
Cindy, White Closet

Men’s Wear
Ricc, Classic Gentlemen Boutique

Hair and Makeup
Chantel, Beauty by Chantel


Our first stylized shoot. What fun! What work!

I now truly appreciate those perfect looking magazine ads.

Thanks to the trust and spontaneity of Sasha, I was asked to be a part of this great shoot two days before. Many iPhone pictures later, we agreed on the plates, tea service and glasses. I packed up the tubs and was off.

Erin is a super talented and hard working photographer. Lisa has great ideas for staging and certainly knows how to go with the flow.

Marie made incredible desserts. We all heartily enjoyed them afterwards as a reward. Her desserts made our plates pop!

I am now hooked on stylized shoots. Great learning experience and I get to meet the nicest people! Our reward… Being published in the Florida Style Me Pretty Edition. May 2013


Bottom photo:

Chairs Wish Vintage Rentals

Lisa Desserts Hands on Sweets

Marie Tea Service Sassy Settings

Lynn Photo my own


Vintage History

May 1st, 2013 | Posted by owner in VINTAGE HISTORY - (0 Comments)

Luella, Phillip and Little Ronnie (my daddy).
Isn’t my Grandma gorgeous!?
Grandpa is dark and dashing. And my mischievous dad. Gotta love those little ears sticking out.



It began in 1945. I didn’t know it then. I wasn’t born yet. But my love of vintage dishes and all things vintage began then. Phillip Paul Leder, my grandfather, went to war in Yokohama, Japan. He sent his lovely young wife a set of Noritake dishes.

They are now part of my heritage.

In my teen years I spent my summers biking to my grandparents little apartment, sipping iced tea and listening to the fascinating stories of my grandmother’s upbringing. She was pummeled with questions.

History lived through my Grandmother. Growing up in a Danish speaking homestead farm in Southern Minnesota. Hating blackening the pot belly stove. Sitting straight as a pin or being punished. Baking pies all night until 6 a.m. for the little cafe she worked at. Meeting Dark Dashing Phillip and dancing to Glen Miller’s band at the local dance hall.

vintagehistory2How could I not fall in love with vintage dishes, dresses, hats, kitchen utensils, books and Glen Miller?

My grandparents are gone, but her heritage lives on through our company.